An increasing number of consumers wish to conciously take responsibility for society by buying ‚ethical products’.

In 1995 – for the first time – a collaboration between the condomi company and the AIDS introduced the so called ‚Social Marketing Kondom’ marketed under the ES², EF² and ER² trademarks in Germany and Austria. The concept was very well accepted from the consumer and only after short time it became one the best selling condom at leading drugstores. After the Australian Health care concern ANSELL took over the brands of the condomi company, the project was continued under the umbrella brand ‚Lifestyles’. Since 2011 the AIDS Aids`work is supported by the selling of AMARELLE condoms. Since 2014 the AMARELLE assortment was expanded with lubricants.

What is special about AMARELLE condoms?

AMARELLE condoms were developed in collaboration with the experts from the AIDS service organizations and offer an effective protection from HIV and undesired pregnancy- when used correctly. AMARELLE condoms are easy to take off the foil, roll off and are odor-free. AMARELLE condoms are now also available in different condom sizes to offer our customers a broader variety.

Why are AMARELLE lubs to be recommended?

AMARELLE lubricants provide for a free of pain gliding into each other. They help reducing the risk of injury to the penis, vagina and anus during sexual activity. AMARELLE lubricants are skin friendly, dermologically tested, non sticky, free of fats and animal based ingredients (vegan) and adjusted to the vaginal pH value. AMARELLE lubricants are suitable to be used with condoms, toys and for massaging. With usefull dosing device.

All AMARELLE condoms carry the red ribbon – the international symbol for solidarity with HIV suffering and deceased people.Our products are multi lingual labeled (DE-EN-FR-NL-ES-IT) and are therefore suitable for international distribution. AMARELLE products are made in Germany. This reduces environmental damages through transport emissions that occur when producing in Far East.