Length: 180mm
Nominal width: 52mm
Thickness: 0,065mm

Red with strawberry flavour, lubricated and with reservoir. This product was developed in collaboration with experts of the AIDS-aid in Germany and gives by correct use an efficient protection against HIV / AIDS. AMARELLE Safety Condoms protect against an unwanted pregnancy.

• AMARELLE condoms are easy to remove from the film
• AMARELLE condoms are easy to unroll
• AMARELLE condoms are color- and odorless
• AMARELLE condoms are moistened with quality medical silicone oil
• AMARELLE condoms are manufactured in Germany
• AMARELLE condoms are explained in several languages (DE-EN-FR-NL-ES-IT).
• AMARELLE condoms come in different condom & Package size

AMARELLE RED – 12 items Box
Art.Code: 4720734, EAN Code: 4260231453341


AMARELLE RED – 100 pieces bag
Art.Code: 4720638, EAN Code: 4260231451354


A part of the profit that is made through the purchase of this product goes to the German AIDS-aid organizations and the HOPE Cape Town Foundation. To accompany this product we recommend AMARELLE lubricant for additional glide. It helps to reduce the risk of injury to the penis, vagina or anus during intercourse.